Kawazu Zakura/Sakura cherry blossom 2017

if you wanna watch my kawazu zakura video on youtube click here

It’s 2017 in February, The Beauty of Sakura is starting to show again. Actually It’s too early in the season.

kawazu Zakura 2017
this bird is loving the beauty of sakura flowers

Sakura mostly start to bloom between late march to early april depending on where you are in japan and temperature. In Kawazu Shizuoka cherry blossom blooms early. Although cherry blossom only last for 2 weeks when its first started to bloom, Kawazu sakura last for 4 weeks starting from late february to early march. I discover this beauty on facebook and since i dont want to waste Time to see it in full Bloom I have decided to visit in valentines day.

As soon as bloom started, The Festival will also start. You will enjoy the Foods stalls around Kawazu Park selling a lot of varieties from sweet mochi’s, fruits, dried Fish , Sakura plants and more!

Numazu station
Numazu station going to atami tokyo

Kawazu is visited by a lot of locals and Foreigner not only because it blooms early but its only 2 hours away from Tokyo by train. Okinawa is also Famous for cherry blossom but its expensive to go there if you live far away from it. I am from Numazu Shizuoka so I travelled about 1 hour and 30 minutes but when I am about to go Home it took me longer because Train depart from schedules.

Kawazu station
Kawazu station, The park is just right beside this station. Just walk around the river
kawazu Zakura entrance
This is what you see as soon as you exit in kawazu station

img_7904img_7905By the way, There is no entrance Fee. There is nothing to pay in here except when you buy from the local stores. No worries!


don’t forget to bring you camera get the canon mirrorless m5! (i will get a small comission if you buy from here and it will help me a lot to make more blog)


get your canon eos m5 here


sakura macro shot
close up shot with sakura

Kawazu is near the Sea so its not surprising if they sell some local seafoods as well.

There are also a lot of Hot spring around the place if you want to.

kawazu zakura souvenir
some souvenirs for your loveones

Kawazu Zakura shops

kawazu wasabi
Kawazu also plant wasabi so they are also selling wasabi here

img_7936kawazu souveniri love kawazu

kawazu dry fish
most of them will offer a free taste so try one to know which do you like. they grilled this thing
strawberry chocolate
they also sell some strawberry
huge strawberry
it’s huge!
seafood barbecue
seafood barbecue! it was all delicious but expensive. this cost about 300-500 yen per stick.


This was my first food and its overprice!


its a grilled fish covered with salt, it was good but since everything is going to be expensive if i try to make my stomach full, I have decided to eat my lunch on a convenient store then just choose some snacks to eat to the various stalls


OMG! this was so damn beautiful


He is Good, I was watching him painting his masterpiece
Im not sure if he was selling, there is no price
Kawazu is also famous for onsen (hot spring) so if you want to check in then try to visit some onsen inn


I love walking in here
Lot of folks visiting sakura, a lot of foreigner too!
Breath taking sakura


The beauty of sakura tree blossoming makes me so happy. I have to leave at work just to see this


Try this sticky rice cake it was good


I ordered green tea rice cake and it taste Good


i did not get it from sakura tree, this was on the floor


sakura taiyaki-they claimed that it taste like sakura but since i never tried eating sakura then i dont know for sure. but this is really Good, quite different than regular taiyaki.


Ika (squid) 1000 yen for 1 kilo


Icecream sakura


I so love staring at beautiful sakura, its like magic
try to get some of their dried fish, they will also give some free taste so you can choose what you want
i bought this dried fish for 1000 yen 6 pieces, the seller gave me another 1 for free and it was delicious either frying or grilled
These are sakura plants for sale! have your own sakura!

I hope you enjoy my photos, If you want to know how to go there just google the train station that you are near going to kawazu station. example tokyo station to kawazu station, then google will tell you exactly how to ride the train. Overall this was an amazing experience for me, Ive seen a lot of sakura but this pink sakura in kawazu is amazing!

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