japan valentines chocolate

Valentines-The time when women give chocolates to men…

It’s the time of the year again… Yes it’s Valentines day again. When i grew up the tradition iimg_7868s always somewhat the guy buy some flowers and chocolates that they will give to their girlfriends or something you give to your crush. most of the time its always the guys is in charge…

But when i move in Japan, I notice something different. In here, the tradition is women will give chocolates to men. Why?????

In 1936, Valentines is first introduced in Japan by Morozoff Ltd. aiming for foreigners. Later on, other companies followed as well most specially the grocery stores. they begun selling heart shape chocolates in 1953. Then Isetan department store begin to further promote these tradition so today you will see crazier and super cute chocolate during valentines actually as early as January its all over the department store. just right now February 12, some of the beautiful chocolates sold in my local supermarket are sold out! can you believe that?

valentines chocolate in japan

There are several types of chocolate giving terms, GIRI CHOCO means obligation chocolate that you give to co-workers. TOMO CHOCO means friend chocolate which you give to friends. and HONMEI CHOCO which you give to special someone.



sometime girls do create their own chocolate to make it extra special, for them if you are just going to give a ready made chocolate then its not special at all, theres no feelings. 
In 1980, White day which is the equivalent of valentine started. its celebrated during march 14. this time men reciprocate what the women gave to them during valentines. but its expected that they will give a 3x more valuable than what they recieved.

As for me, im just going to buy it for our family to eat. hahaha. I don’t usually follow the tradition but i do enjoy buying it to eat.


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