SAKURA Cherry Blossom

Sakura or cherry blossom is one of the beautiful things that you must see before you die! In Japan sakura starts from march to april depending on where you are. You need to check the news as to when will sakura bloom in your area. bloom only last for 2 weeks. how sad is that? but here’s some photos that i took. i hope you will enjoy this pictures

SakuraSakura cherry blossomimg_3628-1img_3624-1img_3612-1img_3611-1img_3609-1img_3619-1img_3621-1Sakura cherry blossomimg_3604-2img_3527-1Sakura cherry blossomimg_3491-1img_3481-2img_3474-1img_3478-1

I hope you did enjoy my Photos. I wish to make a youtube video about sakura on the next spring season. Subscribe to my youtube channel

Thank you for viewing!



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