CEBU-BOHOL adventure

Hello! so this is our cebu-bohol adventure. we manage to go to Cebu first then transfer to Bohol through a ferry. If you are going to go there don’t forget to bring a lot of camera with you. the more the better! more angles!

When I think of Cebu, only one thing comes to my mind! you know it! LECHON!!!!! but there is more of Cebu than just the Lechon. look at our pictures below…

So when we arrive in Cebu from manila we went to the Ferry port first to buy our ticket going to Tagbilaran Bohol and then check in to our hotel. there are lots of Hotel in cebu just check it to your favorite online booking sites. Our room is not ready yet but they allowed us to leave our bags to them. and then we go on our way to stroll a bit. so here’s our first destination….

Cnt lechon
CNT lechon

img_4653Cnt lechonimg_4656

Yes! We eat a Lechon first for our lunch because we are all hungry and this is the first thing that came to our mind, its the CNT Lechon!

and then we go to the famous Magellans cross…

After that we went to a market to buy some Danggit and othe dried seafood, its quite famous in Cebu but its up to you if you like it.

At night, for our dinner we went to Larsian were you can eat a lot of authentic filipino grilled food.

Okay so this is how our first day ended. the second day we went to OSLOB!!!! to see some sea creatures hahahaha.

Don’t Forget to bring your own underwater Camera, we dont have one so we ended up renting but its not the best thing in the market. its better to bring your own so you could capture that moment both in photos and videos. The more the better!

okay after seing this beautiful creatures we decided to check the other place. there are lot of men on a motor bike asking you if you want a tour. haggle if you can.  we ride on a single motrcycle, 2 motor bikes! its cheaper than a van but of course Get ready to burn your face with the sun and also the pain in the butt literally!


The next day we woke up early to ride a ferry going to Tagbilaran Bohol. we already have a contact that will cater our 1st day tour in Bohol. Its easy to get one on the internet but if you dont have one don’t worry when you arrive at the Tagbilaran port there are lot of folks out there that will offer you a tour with a car and driver. prices vary so practice your haggling skills.

At night, we walk to Alona beach and see some folks offering a island Hopping. Again haggle if you can. then the next morning we went to snorkel!!!! and a lot of island tour. its really stunning but food prices is too high at alona, try to bring some snacks with you.

That time i am not into youtube yet so there’s no video this time. sad… but cebu-bohol trip is fun! if you want to check out my youtube channel please visit

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